When building your capsule wardrobe, there are several staples to invest in. The blazer is one of them. It instantly dresses up your outfit, but goes beyond just a formal look. You can also wear it with casual outfits for a suave touch, without losing your laidback vibe. There are several rules when it comes to blazer, because afterall, it’s an item of tailoring - so it should be structured and fitted accordingly.

  • Find the fit: Though blazers are structured, that doesn’t mean they have to be super tight. If you want your blazer to last through the seasons, then you’ll need to be able to wear more than a plain white tee underneath. Accommodate for more layers such as a lightweight knit to ensure that when the weather gets milder, you can still rock your favorite blazer.

  • Get several: Invest in a stripe check blazer and a simple one to ensure that you have a statement piece, and a more versatile blazer that will go with all of your wardrobe. It’s a great excuse to experiment with colors, fabrics and designs and express your style identity!

  • Don’t limit it to just a suit: Though blazers are of course part of a suit, don’t limit it to just formal wear. It can be worn with a pair of shorts or a pair of chinos for a relaxed touch.

  • Don’t leave in the support stitching: Support stitching can be found across the shoulders, in the vents in the lower back and in the breast and side pockets. This is only in place when the blazer is being transported or hanging in store - so remember to take it out!



Make it casual


So as we previously mentioned, blazers don’t have to be formal. There are so many ways to rock the blazer through your off-duty looks. In the summer, the linen blazer will have a loose, laidback look with all your outfits. You can team it with a pair of matching linen shorts and have a co-ord that is polished yet modern.

In the summer, you can wear one of our linen blazers, stripe check or plain, with a plain white tee to strip it back and go back to basics. Our beige windowpane check blazer will look striking with a pop of pastel underneath - because if you can’t rock a color in summer, when can you?



Looking formal


Whether it’s for the boardroom or for a formal occasion, you can also wear your blazer to look suave and sophisticated. Wear our linen blazers with a long sleeve shirt with pointed collar for a dressier vibe. Finish off the look with chinos and a more formal shoe such as brogues for an extra bit of detail.

You can also wear a linen blazer with a t-shirt and make it formal. All will depend on your choice of pants and shoes. For this, we recommend a darker-toned pair of jeans or chinos to pull the whole look together. Then, throw on your brogues!