Florals for spring/summer… hardly groundbreaking, right? And we’re not talking about the Hawaiian floral print shirt kind. We’re steering very clear of those! When you think of prints, everyone thinks of floral. And though it comes back season after season, it always come back with a new take. From botanical to tropical prints, you can really have fun with this print and bring out an on-trend yet playful side to your personal style. 

You may struggle to find different ways to rock the floral phenomenon, but there are so many different versions of floral print out there. There’ll definitely be something to compliment your outfit and your style. They are decorative and dashing, and will add a touch of color to any outfit.

The beauty of these prints are their versatility. They can scream beaches vibes with a pair of shorts, or look super polished with structured tailoring. They can be worn alone, or layered in chillier temperatures - you can wear them your way!



Leaf prints


Leaf prints are a unique way to rock the floral trend. We tend to only think about blooming flowers, and overlook other kinds of patterns. The leaf print has a playful side to it, and though it may not be suitable for some office dresscodes, can still be part of your casual and formal wardrobe. A multicolored leaf print shirt is even better, as it gives you so many polished outfits to concoct! Team your bottoms with one of the colors running through the shirt for a suave finish.

A longer sleeve will make your outfit seem smarter, while a short sleeve give off a modern “Hawaiian shirt” kinda vibe - but don’t worry, it will still appear cool and stylish. Say goodbye to your cheesy shirts, and say hello to sophisticated florals that will upgrade your wardrobe in a flash.



Novelty prints

A holiday print may seem a little cliché for the spring/summer, but it can be a fun addition to your floral print shirt collection. The cheesy print, teamed with a powerful and stylish color combination, can take this shirt from novelty to style statement in an instant. The shirt sleeve and wide fit is reminiscent of 80’s rock star styling, and is the perfect way to add a little rebellious side to your looks.

This shirt, despite its print, can work beyond a getaway. It’s a unique piece that will get attention, and can be teamed with our linen or cotton shorts. This will soon become your summer uniform! It’s time to up your style game with our daring prints!



Botanical florals

A mistake that is often made is to presume that floral prints are feminine. And that’s not quite the case. Admittedly, they add a romantic touch to your looks, but that isn’t a bad thing. It’s time to banish those gender sterotypes, and rock a flower print shirt with tulips, sunflowers, bluebells, anything you want! 

Floral prints work all year round - you can wear our floral print shirt with shorts or chinos in the summer, and then layer a sweater over the top in winter, letting the collar pop out for a touch of statement print. Florals aren’t just a one season thing. Far from it! Investing in timeless prints is well worth the money, as though they are statement, they are also timeless, so you’ll never grow tired of them!