About Us

James Harper was founded in 2012 in a Collingwood warehouse. Located in this old clothing district. We continue the tradition by creating Unique clothing and accessories for men.

We started out as a small accessories label specialising in men’s ties. Over time we have grown to include a full range of men's accessories and clothing. Although we have come far, our story has only just begun.

We are a small diverse team and our experience varied. We come together to create unique, fun, and inspiring men's wear, we believe in doing things our own way, it’s how we got to where we are today. 

We are on a journey to make our business sustainable. We all strongly believe in the cause and are making little changes in our warehouse to the corporate office to reduce waste and carbon emissions. We love animals to the extent that our design team shows them off on our products. 

We really enjoy hearing from our customers, feel free to write to us.