The temperatures are getting colder, and that means it’s time to wrap up warm! Autumn/Winter can be a time where we lose all our fashion know-how and think practicality only. We literally look like Joey from Friends with layers and layers of all the clothes we own, and we’re not exaggerating! We grab everything we can and go, forgetting about the long-lost, stylish version of ourselves.


So what if we told you that it is possible to combine both style and practicality? You can be warm and score some serious style points with some on-trend outfits that will have people green with envy. Read our style edit to find out more about our top tips to acing autumn/winter styling.



Layer up


This is a beginner’s tip that is often neglected, but layer up! We don’t mean throw on every sweater you have and hope for the best! You can wrap up warm in style by layering a round neck knit over a chic shirt, or opt for geek chic with a sweater vest over a thin roll-neck knit.

You can clash prints and colors, or choose a more timeless look depending on your style, all while remaining cozy. What more could you hope for?



Upgrade your outerwear


The key to an Instagrammable Autumn/Winter wardrobe? Sophisticated yet understated outerwear! Our tailored overcoat in this stunning nutmeg shade will compliment all your outfits, and will instantly elevate your most casual looks. It can be layered over a thin puffer gilet for extra warmth, and it will still stay classy. If your wardrobe is looking a little tired, then outerwear is the perfect way to start your wardrobe refresh!



Invest in loungewear


In 2022, we are adjusting to our new reality. We are now, for a large part of us, working from home, but that doesn’t mean style is out the window! Invest in cozy loungewear that also looks stylish and has that athletic edge to make sure you’re putting in the effort, even if it is to sit in front of your Macbook all day! Our hoodies come in versatile shades to suit every one of your moods, and they even have matching sweatpants. You can stop hanging around in your oldest clothes - no more excuses!



Refresh your knits


Knitwear is a staple in an Autumn/Winter wardrobe, and after a lot of love, our favorite sweaters get bobbles and holes. We know it’s hard to let things go, but sometimes, you just have to shop for some new knitwear. Treat yourself to our luxuriously soft roll-neck sweaters that will look chic throughout the seasons and even years, they just don’t go out of style! You will also love our fleeces, with an elegant cable-knit twist for a hint of modernity.


Want a piece that is even more unique? Our knitted polos have a fitted style that will make any outfit seem fancier. Throw on a pair of jeans and you have got yourself an off-duty look!



Don’t forget prints


With the colder temperatures and drearier days, it’s still the perfect time to pull out those prints! The bolder the better - you’re bound to brighten someone’s day! If Men’s Fashion Week street style has taught us anything, it’s the bolder, the better! From vibrant poppy prints to urban-inspired graffiti styles, anything goes!


Forget what you knew about florals - they’re not just for spring and summer! Our rhubarb print with an eclectic mix of teal, purple and nutmeg is the perfect floral print for autumn/winter. This darker print has splashes of bright colors running through it to add a bit of vibrancy to your simple, monochrome outfits.


If florals aren’t your thing, our striped shirts make just as much of a statement! Our Earth stripe shirt is a classy yet colorful way of changing up your shirt game. Because sometimes we just want to be playful!



Mix and match styles



The beauty of layering up during autumn/winter is that you can mix and match styles. If you want to look dressy but sporty, then wearing our unstructured blazer over one of our monochrome hoodies will be a great street style-worthy look. The slouchy look of the blazer will add a more relaxed vibe to your outfit, while the hoodie will rejuvenate the look. You can also team our sweatpants with our knitted roll-necks and tailored overcoat to run errands all while being stylish and authentically you!



Up your pant game



In winter, pants are a versatile piece that will bring everything together. You have to select the fabric carefully, and corduroy pants are the perfect way to combine style and warmth. The corduroy/cotton blend of our pants will allow you to have a pant that keeps you warm but is also lightweight and nice to wear. Our pants are available in a diverse color scheme that will allow you to mix and match with your key pieces.



Top up on wardrobe essentials



When we say wardrobe essentials, we mean basics that can be worn all year round. We’re talking collared, fitted shirts that can take you from desk to dinner, or our chinos that can be worn casually or dressed up with a loud, printed shirt. Why? Because these essentials will never go out of style, and on those mornings where you despair and don’t know what to wear, you will always be able to reach for them! These pieces prepare you for every occasion, so you can never have enough of them!